Our History

We are delighted to be the first dental education centre on the island of Ireland. We are proud to play an important role in boosting the local economy whilst honouring the building’s history in the healthcare sector. Learn about our history.

L.S. Browne Centre

Our History

The LS Browne Centre is located in a state of the art building in the heart of the beautiful Fermanagh lakelands. Although we are delighted to be based here, the centre was built for another purpose – a Children’s Hospice known as Horizons West.

Due to a lack of staffing, the hospice was forced to close in 2019. The premature closure of Horizons West was a devastating blow to the hopes of parents and the hard work of the community.

Whilst the important work of the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice continues elsewhere, what happened to the building was of interest to the community.

As an established part of the Fermanagh community we understand the sacrifices that were made to build Horizons West. Many of our team were personally involved in the effort. That’s why we have a robust plan based on a significant consultation to honour the history and protect the legacy of the building.

  • When you visit us, you will see the memorial garden, which has been preserved and enhanced for everyone to enjoy.
  • Inside the building, we have retained some of the Children’s artwork. This includes a beautiful papier mâché Elephant, which coincidentally mirrors the centre’s values and logo. The elephant is an acknowledgement of the children who used the hospice.
  • Our company CSR plan comprises other elements and creative ways to play our part as a responsible corporate citizen, encompassing environmental sustainability and community engagement.

We’re looking forward to bringing many people and significant business into the area. We are excited about playing an important role in boosting the local economy whilst honouring the building’s history and protecting the community’s important investment.

Professional Training for Dentists

We are committed to providing course delegates with the most up to date and interactive courses in dentistry. We facilitate regular courses led by leading education providers from within the UK and Ireland.

The courses we host reflect on essential theoretical and regulatory advances in addition to hands on surgical training.

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