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The L.S. Browne Centre provides treatment by referral from a dentist. We focus solely on advanced, full arch dental implant treatment. We also offer the option of an 'Education Referral', where you as a dentist can refer your patient for Chrome GuidedSMILE and learn more about this technique one-one-one by attending your patient's surgical and/or restorative appointments with them.

L.S. Browne Centre

Refer a Patient

At The L.S. Browne Centre our dental surgeons solely provide advanced, full arch dental implant treatment. Patients should be referred for treatment by their own dentist where possible.

If you are a patient, and do not have your own dentist, but think this may be the type of treatment you require, please contact us and we will arrange a consultation for you with a clinician near you.

Refer A Patient

The L.S. Browne Centre is the European education centre for CHROME GuidedSMILE, an advanced full arch dental implant treatment which improves the experience for both patients & dental surgeons.  We treat patients both privately (non-education) & as part of education.

Chrome GuidedSMILE full arch treatment

What is it?

Chrome GuidedSMILE enables the patient to leave the surgery with a full arch of teeth on the same day as implant placement. Using digital, 3D planning the treatment is meticulously pre-planned, providing unparalleled accuracy and predictability, and a much shorter treatment time for patients than conventional full arch, immediate load treatment. Typically the patient will have their surgical treatment completed within 2.5-3hrs.

Who is it suitable for?

CHROME GuidedSMILE is suitable

  • For those patients who require full arch rehabilitation of a failing dentition due to decay or periodontal disease.
  • For those suffering from loose dentures who require an alternative.
  • For those with multiple missing teeth who wish to avoid dentures.
  • For those who find eating is a struggle.

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Our Chrome Clinician: James Hamill BDS MFDS (RCSEd) Dip Imp Dent (RCSEd)

James graduated from Dundee in 2001 and in 2003 started his implant career. An award winning dentist, he is a member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery and has achieved the Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. He is an ITI Fellow with a passion for mentoring and educating other clinicians.

James offers a full range of implant solutions and has a small freelance practice limited to implant surgery and one to one mentoring. He has been pioneering the use of guided surgery in full arch immediate rehabilitation in the UK and Ireland, and has now taught over 100 implant surgeons the techniques involved and personally completed more CHROME cases than anyone outside of the USA. He is Europe’s leading clinician in the use of Chrome, and one of the leading clinicians worldwide.

EDUCATION REFERRALS: If you as a clinician wish to benefit from an education referral, please tick the ‘Mentoring’ box when filling in the referral form. This will enable you to attend the appointments you wish to with your patient, from consultation to restoration, depending on which elements of the treatment pathway you are interested in.

Patients for Education: Patients have the option of having their treatment as part of our wider education programme, for example, as part of a live skills course, or recorded as part of video tutorials etc. If a patient chooses to have their treatment as part of this programme, they will be able to avail of our education pricing, which typically provides a 10-15% saving on our usual pricing. *We are currently looking for 10 full arch patients to take part in our education programme over the next 3 months*

Professional Training for Dentists

We are committed to providing course delegates with the most up to date and interactive courses in dentistry. We facilitate regular courses led by leading education providers from within the UK and Ireland.

The courses we host reflect on essential theoretical and regulatory advances in addition to hands on surgical training.

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